Sitowise acquires V-Kompetens to strengthen company’s presence in Sweden

Through the acquisition, Sitowise, a Nordic expert in the built environment, will significantly increase company’s foothold in Sweden. Adding V-Kompetens brings new competence in building technology, highly skilled employees and increases also company’s regional coverage. V-Kompetens will become part of TFIP’s brand and we welcome V-competence employees to the Group!

Sitowise’s ambition is to have a strong foothold in the Nordics, both in infrastructure and building sectors. Newest acquisition gives solid foundation for group’s future growth in Sweden.

V-competence is specialized in cultural buildings, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, offices, schools and healthcare properties. The acquisition means that Sitowise will provide more versatile services in the Swedish market. With the deal, we expect increased growth and further development of our business areas.

V-competence has an impressive track record and is a company with expert competence in real estate. At Sitowise, we are brave enough to call ourselves The Smart City Company, and for us it means combining sustainability with computerized digital solutions. In order to create more responsible cities, we need smarter and more sustainable infrastructure, explains Sitowise CEO Pekka Eloholma

TFIP´s CEO Tomas van Zalingen continues:

TFIP has a goal to expand further and with V-Kompetens special competence as part of our offering, we will be able to strengthen our position and our business areas in Sweden. The companies share the same view on how business should be conducted and that the companies merge under TFIP’s brand is very positive for all customers, partners and employees, says Tomas van Zalingen

CEO Håkan Klaesson says:

Becoming part of the Sitowise Group and TFIP’s brand will benefit our customers and partners, which means that we can further develop our expertise and specialist knowledge. Sitowise is an excellent new owner and a strong partner for continued growth and further development of our business areas, continues Håkan Klaesson

Digital development and smart cities

Sitowise is an expert in the Nordic built environment that operates in three business areas: real estate and buildings, infrastructure and digital solutions. We want to raise the bar for intelligence and responsibility, and therefore our vision is to be the most responsible partner in the development of a prosperous environment. With V-Kompetens competence in the real estate and pharmaceutical industry, we will take a holistic approach and continue our digitalisation journey.

Sitowise TFIP and V-Kompetens

Sitowise acquires the entire share capital in V-Kompetens. In 2019, the company acquired Swedish BTB, which are specialists in building construction and geotechnics. With TFIP, BTB and V-competence in the Group, Sitowise strengthens its position in the Swedish market. In addition to Sweden, the company has operations in Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

For further information

Tomas van Zalingen, CEO, TFIP
Tel: +46 735394942,

Sitowise is a Nordic expert in the built environment with a strong focus on digitality. We design smart cities and living spaces where everyday life is paced on a sustainable basis. We operate in three business areas: building design, infrastructure design and digital solutions. Every day, almost 2,000 of our experts in various fields join forces to make traffic, infrastructure and buildings for people. Company wants to raise the bar for intelligence and responsibility, and it has set a vision to be the most responsible partner in developing a prosperous environment. Sitowise has grown rapidly and profitably in recent years, and has currently a EUR 160 million revenue. Group CEO is Pekka Eloholma and the headquaters is located in Espoo, Finland.

TFIP is a technical installation consultant offering comprehensive solutions within infrastructure, community building and industry. We are at the cutting edge with a thorough technical expertise and innovative procedures, creating innovate solutions for a modern and safe infrastructure. We are the sum of our passion, skill and vision. Together we create the community of the future.

V-kompetens is specialized in cultural buildings, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, offices and schools and healthcare properties. Through repeat customers, the company has developed into a flexible company with unique expertise in several special areas. We have two offices in the Stockholm region.


Tomas van Zalingen
Phone: +46 31-131645
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