TFIP Develops the Business Segment for Real Estate

TFIP has decided to develop the business segment for real estate further. The real estate segment is beginning more and more to utilise the new smart technology, which means that functions are automated in order to render processes more efficient. Given that we have a passion for creating smart, sustainable and modern installations, it is only natural that we take on more assignments within real estate.

New and existing installations within real estate encompass more and more complex systems consisting of such things as electricity/telecommunication, HVAC, and control & monitoring, and the requirements on these installations are increasing. By applying our holistic approach and our experiences, and adapting them based on our needs in the real estate industry, together with the customer we will achieve a satisfactory result. TFIP has recruited several senior staff members with considerable experience within the real estate industry. With our combined experience, we have the skills to develop the foundation and solutions for new constructions and for the refurbishment of all types of real estate. We have extensive experience in commercial and official premises, sports facilities, hospitals, care centres, residential units, schools, shopping centres and stores.

“We can take advantage of our extensive experience in major infrastructure projects in which complex requirements are commonplace. By applying our experience and adapting it based on the needs of the real estate industry, we can cooperate with the customer to achieve the results for which we strive. The high demands for energy efficiency and optimised operating costs in turn make high demands of the properties’ installation technical systems, and that is where our experience comes in handy,” says Benjamin Messinger, senior planner at TFIP.

TFIP has expertise in project planning, investigation, consulting and project management within property development and production. As an installation consultant, we assume overall responsibility and offer, among other things, project management, planning management, installation coordination, inspection and monitoring. We perform everything from pilot studies and analyses on all kinds of buildings where we can clarify the technical conditions, to streamlined operations and maintenance. For the customer, this means cost efficiency and staying on schedule.

Benjamin Messinger has a vision for the real estate industry in which he would like to see politicians make even greater demands for optimised properties and energy targets for a reduced impact on the environment and a more energy-efficient operation. When it comes to energy consumption, current building regulations set out targets for future energy usage, but they say nothing about what to do to reach those targets. Therefore, the client and the project planning group must shoulder a great responsibility. The technology is there – but it is not used enough at present. There is a vision, but ultimately the budget determines the framework. The more political demands made for environmental and smart facilities, the greater the opportunity for utilising the technology and build in a climate-smart manner.

Benjamin Messinger holds that experience is needed in order to know how the new technology is to be used and how it can be used in the best manner. Customers do not always know what technology is available and thus what they can demand. That is where TFIP can offer expert help. Messinger continues,

“We have several senior persons who have taken part and have seen the development, and it has been rapid. However, we have the experience to help the customer. For example, when it comes to new systems that have not been tested, we have the skills to determine whether it is worth investing or whether more preliminary work is needed before the community/project is ready for the technology. At early stages, important decisions are made that will have a great impact from a holistic perspective, and we are happy to help the customer in making the right decision.”

With our broad interdisciplinary expertise, we can support all types of issues concerning technical installations. We are used to coordinating many interested and involved parties in order to arrive at the best overall solution.

If you are interested in finding out more about TFIP’s work regarding real estate, please contact Tomas van Zalingen at +46 735394942 or Benjamin Messinger +46 727 171633

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