TFIP Expands onto the Norwegian Market

TFIP has long had a goal of expanding onto the Norwegian market, and now it is a pleasure to announce that we are finally there. Norway is a large market when it comes to underground facilities, and is thus an important market for TFIP.

“We have actively worked toward this objective and we have made important contacts; now our efforts are bearing fruit. There are many exciting tunnel projects in progress, and we want to take part in them,” says Tomas van Zalingen, Group Chief Executive at TFIP.

Norway is an interesting market because of its infrastructure. They have ten times as many tunnels as Sweden. It is one of the largest markets in the world with regard to tunnels. The existing tunnel network needs to be updated with regard to safety, which means that the technical installations need to be redesigned/planned.

“It is exciting to enter onto such a gigantic market and it is interesting to encounter a new culture,” continues Tomas van Zalingen. “There will likely be a great number of new technical solutions as well, which is extremely interesting.”

TFIP has thorough expertise when it comes to tunnel ventilation and considerable experience in complex tunnel projects. Upgrading systems and creating new technical solutions are necessary according to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The knowledge that TFIP and our skilled employees possess in the field of technical safety installations can be brought over to the projects in Norway, thus helping to ensure that Norwegian tunnels have the same high degree of safety as do Swedish tunnels.

“Sweden has one of the world’s best safety systems, and we will take our expertise with us to the projects in Norway,” says van Zalingen. He continues, “At TFIP, we work some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects in Sweden. We are used to the challenges and difficulties one encounters in this kind of project. There is a limited volume in this kind of tunnel which we cannot affect. That is the great challenge. However, we know which systems need updating, and we can adapt them. By working with installations as a whole, we cooperate between disciplines and we can create solutions adapted for confined spaces.”

TFIP’s first project in Norway is a road tunnel, where TFIP’s tasks consist of quality-assuring the calculated figures for technical installations, and in an extension to investigate parts of the facility. We have more projects in which we would like to take part, and we continue to work the Norwegian market. In the long term, we want to participate in projects such as the Oslo Metro and in future railway projects and underground stations.

“The next step is to find a business area manager in Norway so we can work in a more focused manner. That the Norwegian market is growing means that we face some new and exciting challenges, be they cultural, financial or personal, but here at TFIP, we love a good challenge. The development that we have had in recent years has been very exciting,” concludes Tomas van Zalingen.

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TFIP Expands onto the Norwegian Market

TFIP has long had a goal of expanding onto the Norwegian market, and now it…

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