Circular Perspective

Circular perspective is an expression we use in connection with sustainability. We strive for our technology to be able to be used as long as possible while maintaining value in spite of new trends and needs. We see that the technology plays an important role in the challenges we face both in Sweden and globally. That is why we work with a long-term view for an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable society.

Long-term Solutions for a Sustainable Society

In order to be able to produce on the basis of a circular system, an overall holistic view is needed in order to be able to understand how the various parts of a system affect one another, as well as how systems affect other systems. A systematic approach is necessary in order to minimise the economic, social and ecological risks since various systems and subsystems are often dependent on each other.  In the community-building and infrastructure projects in which we at TFIP are involved, close contact with both customers and cooperative partners are key factors. We work together with these parties in order for our solutions to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to economy, ecology and social factors.

Versatility and an ability to adapt are valuable qualities that must be prioritised in our rapidly transforming society, so that products and materials can be used as long as possible while maintaining their value in spite of new trends and needs.

Circular Economy

The expression pertains to economic models that highlight business opportunities in which cycles dominate as opposed to linear processes, which aim to rebuild capital regardless of whether such is economic, manufacturing, human, social or physical. In a circular economy, products are designed to be able to be reused with a high level of quality in a technical cycle. Production and transportation are done using renewable fuels. Products are manufactured in a way that makes it possible to pick them apart and the material can either break down in nature or be returned to the production. Circular economy is the opposite of today’s linear economy in which a product is produced, consumed and then discarded. Business sense goes hand-in-hand with resource efficiency with the help of refined material flows and innovated business models.

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