Digital solutions

We work actively to promote digitalisation in the industry. The goal is to allow for predictability in the projects and to offer support in the processes, and thus increases operating efficiency.

Digitalisation affects many different parts of the work, everything from design, drawings and planning to production and maintenance. By challenging the market and our cooperative partners in working digitally, we can increase productivity in the projects. That way, we at TFIP and the entire industry will make more rapid progress in the digital development.

Through innovation, we develop the working procedures of the future.

The Digital Solutions business area creates the digital landscape and sustainable mobility of the future. Our experts work to help clients save costs, time and the environment, rationalize design and construction, and create a society in which data is put to use for decision-making and service development.

At TFIP, we work constantly to improve our digital presence, not least in the delivery processes with exports from modelling software such as Autodesk Revit and coordination software such as Solibri, Navisworks and Autodesk BIM360. In these BIM models, one can easily take control measurements, examine, compare and visualise the technical solutions produced. This helps to reduce the amount of manual labour for all parties involved in the project.

Digital applications provide the conditions necessary for optimising the circular economy by streamlining and minimising the long-term environmental and resource effects of the projects. Through innovation, we develop the working procedures of the future, where digital applications make us an attractive business partner for our customers and suppliers.

Examples of the digital solutions we offer:

  • Smart data management for the built environment, transport infrastructure and urban development project
  • The mobility revolution: intelligent transport and public transport planning
  • Virtual environments, building information modelling and VR
    Smart infrastructure

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