Civil Engineering

Civil engineering pertains primarily to how cities, buildings and infrastructure are designed in order to provide a good living environment for citizens. Through planning, building and administration, an increased level of ecological, economic and social sustainability are achieved. This concepts are central without all our projects. With an increase in digitalisation, technical installations have increased substantially within the civil engineering sector. We are involved as specialists within this development, and we offer our expertises in projects right from the early stages to the implementation stage, from overview plans, detail plans and feasibility studies to project planning and production.

Services we offer:
• Structural engineering
• HVAC engineering
• Electrical and telecommunications engineering
• Energy
• Automation
• Fire safety
• Condition assessments and surveys
• Construction contracting and supervision

Within the field of civil engineering, we also work with smart cities. This is about creating the best possible conditions for the digitalised society of the future.
Examples of smart city solutions can include everything from smart power grids that balance loads and reduce energy consumption to high-efficiency public transport networks where the routes are optimised with the help of large volumes of traffic data. For us, this involves such things as ITS (intelligent traffic systems), where electronic signs inform motorists about traffic jams, train delays, smart traffic lights and modified speed limits.

Through the use of smart traffic systems, we create a community with increased accessibility and a more environmentally friendly way to move about in traffic.

Smart cities can also include automated energy-saving lighting that shuts off when everyone has left the office.

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