We take part in shaping the infrastructure of the future. New roads and railways are being constructed, and the focus is above all on the major cities. The Stockholm Bypass and Västlänken are some of the largest infrastructure projects in which we are involved. The development of infrastructure is crucial to people’s means of transportation, to the development of industry and for the growth of Sweden as a whole.  At TFIP, we look at our task from the citizen’s perspective. Our goal is always for our technical solutions to simplify everyday life for as many people as possible. By improving the infrastructure in society, we contribute to this simplification, as our solutions are innovative, have a high demands on safety and are highly accessible.

Services we offer:
• Road and railway design and land use
• Bridge design
• Geoplanning and geological surveys
• Transport planning and surveys
• Rock and tunnel planning
• Street and urban spaces and urban design
• Landscape Architecture
• Streets and municipal infrastructure engineering and water services
• Studies and surveys related to the environment, nature, noise and chemicals


We work primarily with large, unique and complex infrastructure projects, where our task is to design facilities and to contribute specialist support at the operating stage. Part of our core activity is product planning for technical solutions. We have faith in conduction projects with some of the largest players on the market. We offer technical solutions that encompass installation technology concerning roads and railways, electricity grids and other energy systems, data and telecommunications networks, as well as water and sewer mains. Our projects primarily involve underground structures, which include technical installation solutions in tunnels, underground stations, garages and rock chambers.

Very large infrastructure projects are complex and challenging. They require coordination with both clients and cooperative partners right from the early stages and most often through the entire project. Effective project management and active development work with digitalisation are key to the success of every project. Not to mention some fantastic employees.

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We offer services within civil engineering, infrastructure and industry. We are happy to have our cooperative partners consult with us within or specialist area. By applying our expertise, we produce the best and most long-term solutions.

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