Sustainable Relationships

When the public and private sectors work together, some truly exciting solutions are created. This can be seen no less within the fields of infrastructure and community building.

Long-term Cooperation Builds Trust and Respect

At TFIP, we are careful in cultivating our relationships with clients and cooperative partners. We have attained success through long-term cooperation based on respect and confidence, as we are a partner that always delivers as promised and keeps to deadlines.

The community-building and infrastructure projects with which we work entail us working together to ensure that our solutions are economically and ecologically sustainable. This means that the various parties involved in the projects, such as developers, consultants and contractors, jointly take on challenges and make decisions together – all in the best interest of the project. The method is based on an open and trusting cooperation in which the parties’ professional skills complement one another throughout every phase of the project.

We are furthermore a cooperative partner that is engaged and drives the development forward. We challenge a conservative industry and work for a digitalised, cost-efficient and more sustainable infrastructure. We are innovative and reliable. What we provide is smart, modern, secure and sustainable.

Social Sustainability

The technical solutions we create within the projects with which we work shall be sustainable from an economic perspective, but it is just as important that they be sustainable from a social and human perspective. Already at the planning phase, we place importance on how we plan the technology so that we can create a safe and secure place for those individuals moving about in the facilities we plan.

Customers & Cooperative Partners

Regardless of whether with cooperative partners or clients, we are transparent, ethical and professional. We want our clients to find it inspirational to work with us. We have several partners that have worked with us for a long time, which builds confidence and efficiency.

Private Structural and Installation Contractors
We often cooperate with structural and installation contractors and we jointly deliver the solution to the customer. As they are generally focused on practical work, we support them by injecting a holistic perspective and modern technical solutions in the capacity of dynamic specialists.

Public Sector Activities
We work closely with the public sector, both directly and indirectly. An official agency or municipal council is the end customer in most of our projects. In cooperation with the public sector, we also work actively with the dissemination of knowledge in order for the project to turn out as good as possible.

Consultancy Firm within Community Building
Through cooperation, we inject the specialist knowledge that is otherwise lacking. Our large network and cooperation with other interests is a success factor.

Our Holistic View Benefits the Customer

Within all of our business areas and technical disciplines, we work on the basis of the same principles and offer the same kinds of services. That is our concept for success. Our working with a holistic view between technical disciples benefits the customer. It allows us to adapt according to the customer’s needs, to be attentive and to offer guidance in arriving at the most sustainable solutions.

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We offer services within civil engineering, infrastructure and industry. We are happy to have our cooperative partners consult with us within or specialist area. By applying our expertise, we produce the best and most long-term solutions.

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