Tunnel Ventilation

One of our key expertise is within tunnel ventilation. Only a few actors anywhere in Europe command similar skills within this field. A large part of the technical field consists of environmental ventilation, were we plan and design systems with sensors and jet fans that manage air movements and the air quality in and around tunnels with vehicular traffic. Jet fans and sensors that measure particulate concentrations and air speed allow for an adaptive ventilation system, which adjusts the operation in order to create the correct air quality in tunnels and helps to reduce the tunnel’s impact on the surrounding environment.

Another large part of the tunnel ventilation discipline concerns flue gas ventilations and evacuation safety, systems that are designed can mean life or death in the event of a fire in tunnels and underground stations. We design advanced systems containing smoke and air-speed sensors that control jet fans and fan stations. These large-scale systems offer a certain amount of control over flue gas and ventilate away smoke, which offers important time for evacuation.

The technical solutions within tunnel ventilation are designed and optimised with the help of CFD calculations, where simulations concerning how air flows through a geometry help us to visualise what the actual solution entails.

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