Södertorn Crosslink
Swedish Transport Administration

Södertorn Crosslink

TFIP was responsible for the development of technical installations within tunnel ventilation, general ventilation, general HVAC, overall control and traffic control for the development of level road plan/system document. That portion of our assignment was concluded in 2019.

At present, TFIP has an ongoing assignment in design planning support.

The Södertorn Crosslink is a 20-km long new expanse of Route 259 from E4/E20 at Skärholmen/Kungens kurva to Route 73 at downtown Haninge. The road shall include pedestrian and bicycle paths, and the purpose is to simplify commuting to work, regional development and safer transportation for both passengers and freight.

The existing Route 259 at Södertorn in southern Stockholm is one of the county’s most accident-afflicted stretches and therefore a new solution is of great importance. Building a road through densely built-up areas involves a great deal of planning and difficult considerations. People, animals and nature must all be taken into account. Therefore, part of the road will run through tunnels. In order to save unique environments, the Södertorn Crosslink will go under the Flemingsberg forest. In one portion of Glömstadalen, the road also runs throug

The Södertorn Crosslink, along with the Stockholm Bypass and the Norrortsleden, will form a further crosslink and tie together the south and north parts of the county. This creates new opportunities for residence, commuting, working live and industry throughout the entire region.



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