About Us

TFIP today has deep roots and a strong growth. Much of that is due to our thorough and long experience and our courage to test new paths. We are an innovative and reliable specialist, and we want our clients to find it inspiring to work with us..

Our Business Concept

TFIP is a technical installation consultant offering comprehensive solutions within infrastructure and community building. Through our expertise within the technical disciplines that major infrastructure projects require, we shall streamline the process. We do this through the cooperation between the various technical disciplines and through innovation in our procedures, where we work with digital applications that generate customer value, both from an economic and circular perspective.

Using modern working procedures, the most recent technology creates the sustainable infrastructure for future generations.

TFIPs story

TFIP was founded in 2012 by Tomas van Zalingen. Right from the beginning he had a clear vision. While other companies separate the various technical disciplines, Tomas realised that all technical installation should be seen as one concept, and by cooperating between technical disciplines, value is added. The cooperation makes the project economically and ecologically sustainable and makes the process cost-effective for the client. Furthermore, this helps our employees to see the whole picture when they are planning, and by cooperating across boundaries, we create unique solutions.

In 2016, Johan Larsson entered as a partner, and a joint decision was made to expand the enterprise. The will and the passion were there, and with strong management and many knowledgeable employees, TFIP expanded considerably. We won many major projects in the west of Sweden, and when we got a large assignment in Stockholm, we decided to open an office in that city. However, we were not satisfied with that. In the summer of 2018, we decided to open an office in Falun with a focus on the international market. During the course of 2019, Emil Engman and Erika Lindgren joined as partners. Moreover, we continued to grow.

Today, TFIP is a successful innovative start-up. Our goal and our mission are to grow further and to work on more unique, large-scale infrastructure projects where we can do what we do best.

You make us better!

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We are looking for more employees – do you want to become one of our installation specialists? Our passion is in creating the community of tomorrow through smart infrastructure.

Become a customer or cooperative partner of ours

We offer services within civil engineering, infrastructure and industry. We are happy to have our cooperative partners consult with us within or specialist area. By applying our expertise, we produce the best and most long-term solutions.

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