Management at TFIP

As TFIP is in an expansive phase and is driven by being innovative and at the forefront of technology, it is important that management have its ear to the ground, be attentive and be willing to try new things. The management works close to the organisation and we have short decision paths.

TFIP is expanding considerably with regard to the number of projects, offices and employees. We have clear visions and we work hard to reach our goals.

We Value Short Decision Paths and a Level Organisation

TFIP is represented in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Falun. Our head office is in Gothenburg, where there is corporate support to help the organisation to grow.

The operation is managed through our regions and departments, where expert managers drive the work forward.

You make us better!

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We are looking for more employees – do you want to become one of our installation specialists? Our passion is in creating the community of tomorrow through smart infrastructure.

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We offer services within civil engineering, infrastructure and industry. We are happy to have our cooperative partners consult with us within or specialist area. By applying our expertise, we produce the best and most long-term solutions.

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