Our Core Values

Our core values inspire and guide us in everything we say and do. The core values form the basis for how we act and communicate, and are what set us apart.

Core Values


We are experienced, competent/professional and we keep what we promise. We are transparent/open/honest and take responsibility. We focus on safety, sustainability and a long-term perspective. This generates respect and trust – a colleague or cooperative part on whom one can always rely.


With the security behind us, we dare to seek new paths and challenges. We are energetic and we have the courage to improvise when needed. We are as agile and dynamic as complex assignments and contexts require us to be. This is why we are regarded as straightforward and professional regardless of the difficulty or complexity of the task.


We are intelligent pioneers. We are curious innovators and our creativity is the source of our inspiration. We dare to experiment and to think in new ways to drive the development forward. We apply the latest technology and constantly stay up-to-date. This is why we are perceived to be smart and modern.


We have an inner spark and a persistent will to develop. We are proud of what we have accomplished together. Our drive to be at the forefront generates energy and a dynamic that manifests itself in a superb enthusiasm and a positive feeling of joy and freedom. We have a passion for what we do. We dare to believe in the future!

You make us better!

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We are looking for more employees – do you want to become one of our installation specialists? Our passion is in creating the community of tomorrow through smart infrastructure.

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We offer services within civil engineering, infrastructure and industry. We are happy to have our cooperative partners consult with us within or specialist area. By applying our expertise, we produce the best and most long-term solutions.

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